Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well on March 14th I finally turned the big 21! I had a great birthday and just thought I would share a few photos of some birthday gifts I got.  
I was sooo exited to finally buy a dutch oven. I made breakfast this morning using it and lunch yesterday and I really like it. I got this one on amazon for a decent price and I liked this green color even though it doesn't match my red appliances. 

A girl and friend from the ward made this really cute frames for me. I thought they went perfect with some black and white photos. 

This picture wasn't a birthday gift but I don't think I've shown anyone this acrylic painting. It still needs a lot of touch up and its my first attempt at water. eh...its okay. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life in California

David recently had a day off work. We decided to finally make the trip to Monterrey. We stopped for lunch and then drove the 17 mile drive along Pebble Beach. It was gorgeous.  Check it out...

Christmas Catch-up

It's been a very long time. Christmas came and went and I only have a few photos to share. We went with David's parents to get a tree for their house, we quickly found one across the street at Home Depot. It was a very large tree. I was so excited for Christmas this year I set up our fake tree in our apartment the first week of December. Early in December we also went on a Christmas train ride. We enjoyed our first Christmas in our apartment this year. We then went over to his parents Christmas morning to open more presents and to talk to David's brother Jeff who is on his mission in the Dominican Republic. We soon left for Washington to see my family and enjoy New Years. And there you have it! Here are what pictures I have...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone had a great weekend. David and I started the week off by carving pumpkins. I carved the Oogie Boogie man from the Nightmare before Christmas and David carved a scary skull pirate.

We had a Halloween party on Friday. David and I dressed up as Spock and Uhura. Of course you would never know I was her since I'm white...

I made these bleeding candles ( Inspired by Brittany's candles. )
We even had a fog machine!! We borrowed it from David's mom along with lots of other decor... she is very resourceful.

MMMMmmm! Strawberry Jack-o-lanterns and Jello-shots
Haunted House corner. Everyone could decorate their own.

Can you believe these costumes were hand stitched! This girl is amazing!
For those who have seen the show Minute to Win it you might recognize the next couple of pictures.